Murganheira Reserva Brut 75cl Expand

Murganheira Reserva Brut 75cl

Murganheira Murganheira


Sparkling Wine , 750 mL
  • Country: Portugal
  • Wine Region: Távora Varosa
  • Alc.: 13,5%

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Murganheira Reserva it's a fine and delicate Brut Sparkling Wine with a bright fruity aroma and packed with a creamy mousse. This sparkling wine has a fresh green apple character with a lively personality.

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Murganheira sustains 50 years of history. The company owns 30 hectares of its own vineyards in the Varosavalley (Douro Sul) and buys grapes from about 100 winegrowers in the region, selling about 750,000 bottles of sparkling wine annually. The success story of Murgaheira wine's company is linked to its current administrator and oenologist, Orlando Lourenço. It was from 1986 in Reims-France, in the heart of the demarcated region of Champagne, that Orlando Lourenço sought knowledge for the production of sparkling wines by the champagne method, together with George Hardy, a renowned university teacher, and specialist of champagne, the art discovered by the Cister's Monks. Always meticulously fulfilling what he taught him, there was only room for perfecting the production's methods over the years, and never shortening them. It was by using the champagne's method, with rigor and professionalism, in a region with excellent climatic and geological conditions, that the Murganheira sparkling wines are not at all less quality than the current Moët & Chandon Brut, beating him, even in some blind tests. Távora-Varosa was the first demarcated region of sparkling wine in Portugal.

Produced according to the Champenoise method.

Grape Varieties:
Cerceal, Malvasia Fina, Gouveio Real.

Tasting Notes:
Murganheira Reserva Brut has a bright straw colour. It has fine bubbles and it's refined. The aromas are led by the macerated fruit apple, freshly cut fresh herbs and some sweet pastry. The trailing flowers show up fresh and complete intense ending. Refreshed creamy foam. Finishes with medium persistence.

Store and Serve Advice:
It should be served at 8ºC to avoid destroying the flavour of the grape.

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