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  • 87 pts : Wine Enthusiast
    Calem 10 Year Old Tawny Port 75cl
    10 Year Old Tawny Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Calem 10 Year Old Tawny Port has an attractive brown-tawny colour with a topaz halo. Magnificent nose with a bouquet of dried fruits, wood notes and delicious hints of chocolate. In the taste reveals itself smooth and velvety. A wine of great intensity, revealer of a magnificent tannic strength and a sumptuous elegance. Long and delightful finish.

    18,15 €
    2 Review(s)
  • 90 pts : Cellar Tracker
    Cálem 20 Year Old Port 75cl
    20 Year Old Tawny Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Cálem 20 year old Port shows a golden tawny colour with several orange green tonalities, so cosy, for a medium-aged Port. It has a wonderful nose with a bouquet that reveals spices, honey and wood aromas. A wine of great intensity and balance with a unique tannic strength and a sumptuous elegance. It has a long lasting finish and a delightful acidity. 

    44,50 €
  • Silver Medal : I.W.S.C.
    Cálem 30 Years Old Port 75cl
    30 Year Old Tawny Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Cálem for a 30 years old Port is impressively fresh.There are plenty of sweet fruits absorbed in the wood ageing, dark chocolate and prunes. The finish shows more of the wood ageing, giving sweet vanilla and dryness.

    65,50 €
  • 92 pts : Wine Enthusiast
    Calem 40 Year Old 75cl
    40 Year Old Tawny Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Calem 40 Year Old stands out by its golden colour that would say it pretty much everything on this fantastic 40 year old Port. This is a luscious, opulent, ripe, wonderful wine with a tangy edge to go alongside the acidity, the raisin fruits and flavours of long wood ageing. It's fresh as still very alive and balanced.

    89,50 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Calem Lagrima Porto 75cl
    Lagrima Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Calem Lagrima Porto is the sweetest of white Port categories. It delivers a ripe, rounded, opulent profile that shows delicious fruit. It is very rich rather than over-sweet, although there is a definite toffee character.

    12,50 €
  • 16 pts : Revista de Vinhos
    Calem Late Bottled Vintage Port 2015 75cl
    Late Bottled Vintage Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Calem Late Bottled Vintage Port is a dry Port wine, with hints of wood ageing and fresh, juicy berry fruit. It has solid tannins that are involved by the acidity while the aftertaste brings the sweetness of the fresh red fruits.

    19,85 €
  • 85 pts : Wine Enthusiast
    Calem Special Reserve Porto 75cl
    Reserve Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Calem Special Reserve Porto shows a light gold colour, revealing dried fruits and spices aromas well integrated into its freshness. It is smooth in the mouth as velvet , balanced and with hints of wood aromas

    15,50 €
  • Calem Velhotes 10 Years Old Tawny Port 75cl
    10 Year Old Tawny Port
    Portugal , Douro

    Calem Velhotes 10 Years Old Tawny Port shows an orange colour with an intense brightness. It features ripe fruit aromas like currants, apricots and confited orange peel. Its core is interwoven in a light vanilla with notes of wood. It has a very elegant structure, it's s fresh, balanced with a persistent finish.

    17,85 €
  • 95 pts : Robert Parker
    Calem Vintage Port 2011 75cl
    Vintage Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Calem Vintage Port 2011 is an extraordinary sample of the Vintage Port wine perfection, such so many others Vintage Port from the 2011 harvest. It is a dense and super juicy wine, loaded with super-ripe black fruit aromas and violet's fragrances. It features dusty, opulent and solid tannins alongside an amazing acidity.

    85,50 €
  • 90 pts : Robert Parker
    Calem Vintage Port 2016 75cl
    Vintage Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Calem Vintage Port 2016 is an extraordinary Vintage Port wine, which is dominated by aromas of ripe black fruits revealing a gorgeous maturation, fresh hints of spring flowers and wild berries as blackberries and blackcurrants. It features wonderful balsamic aromas, cocoa, and black chocolate notes along with a pleasant acidity.

    55,00 €
  • 88 pts : Wine Enthusiast
    Calem White Dry Port 75cl
    White Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Calem White Dry Port is a white Port wine dry, delicate and elegant characterized by the lightness of its floral aromas. It features notes of whitebark fruits such as pear, green apple, and peach complemented by delicious aromas of almonds, and vanilla fragrances. It is a white Port wine dry fresh and intense.

    12,25 €
  • Lagrima Port Calem Velhotes 75cl
    Lagrima Port , 750 mL
    Portugal , Douro

    Lagrima Port Calem Velhotes is a white Port wine with floral fragrances, sweet aromas of ripe yellow fruits and tropical fruit perfumes. It has an elegant structure with a balanced acidity.

    11,50 €

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